I love this rack, you would not believe how many people almost follow me home to see how the rack works and to find out where to get one.  I will for sure send everyone your way.  Thanks again for everything!!


- Jake A. 




The rack fit just above the roll top cover on my truck and I think I got at least 12 inches savings out of the kit. I just take off the ramps and leave the rack on all the time, then just slide my cover shut. Took it out last weekend and everything worked top notch with my Brute Force 750. Good kit, great instructions; packaging was even great!


- Alan K.




Hauling my family and all the gear was a nightmare until I heard about Rizerback Racks. Now we can comfortably haul our ATV’s and gear. Best purchase I have made in a long time.


- Brett

  West Virginia



I bought a new truck and did not feel safe about hauling my ATV with the tailgate down. Rizerback Racks has me back on the road again, SAFELY!!


- David L.




We are extremely happy with our rack and the service you gave us. We have folks looking at the rack and asking questions about it every time we take the quad out. If you have any brochures or business cards we would gladly hand them out along with our endorsements.


- Garrett B.




The rack is just as described and works awesome! Thanks again for a great product and super customer service.


- Pete