Frequently Asked Questions

1. Question: Why are Rizerback Racks a better solution to hauling my ATV than other racks on the market?


Answer: Design & Price.

Design! Rizerback Racks use an angled linear design that places the ATV’s front tires on a platform at bed rail level and the rear tires in the bottom of the truck bed which allows approximately three-quarters of the ATV’s weight to remain at a low center of gravity. This unique design is very important when traversing uneven terrain. The Rizer Rack is simple and easy to use. It’s also light weight – just 78 lbs.

Price! Designed and created by an outdoorsman – the Rizerback Racks were intended to be affordable for nearly every budget. Unlike some racks which can cost more than two thousand dollars, Rizerback Racks are priced right for the value-conscious sportsman. Of course the multi-purpose design which protects your truck from damage, the simplicity & ease of use which gets you loaded and on the road quickly, are all part of the Rizerback Racks appeal. As well as the fact that our racks place the ATV about six to ten inches further into the truck bed (depending on the design of the ATV). This means that most ATV owners can close the tailgate on their truck – this is added security and peace of mind!




2. Question: Why would I need an Rizerback Rack?


Answer: There are three main reasons:

  • If you have ever broken out the window in your truck trying to fit your ATV into the bed of your truck – you need this rack!

  • If you managed to fit your ATV into the truck bed safely. Did you have any room for gas cans, coolers, chairs, water cans, plus a tent, sleeping bags, etc.? If you say “No!” – then you need this rack!

  • If you wanted to take all this stuff, AND close the tail gate of your truck – you need this rack!




3. Question: Will the rack fit in my truck?


Answer: The current Rizerback design will work in any full size pickup truck.  Mid size trucks like Toyota Tacoma and Nissan Frontier are not accomodated by this design.



4. Question: Can I haul my dirt bikes with the Rizer Rack?

Answer: YES! The Rizer Rack can be used to transport dirt-bike motorcycles, leaving plenty of room for gas cans and gear, while allowing the tailgate to close on most vehicles. See the picture gallery for an example.


5. Question: Will I be able to close my tailgate using this system?

Answer: It depends on the size of your truck bed and the size of your ATV. As a general rule with any full-size ATV you will NOT be able to close the tailgate if you have a 5 1/2 foot truck bed. Beyond that it varies based upon the make of the ATV. With a 6 foot bed (like a Dodge MegaCab) there are some ATV's that will fit and allow you to close the tailgate (like a Honda Foreman or Rubicon). Once you move up to the 6 1/2 foot truckbeds the options open up quite a bit, with some exceptions. Call us to verify fitment if you are unsure.